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  2. Soo… Trying out this whole ‘Ipsy’ monthly makeup bag subscription thing, because:

    1) It’s cheap ($10 a month, free shipping).

    2) I’m depressed about moving away from Chicago and need a small pick-me-up.

    I’ve never tried anything like this before, so I’m excited and a little bit nervous about it. 

    I’ll post updates on it as I get more info. Also, they gave me a personal URL too, so if you click it & join, I get free stuff. ( http://www.ipsy.com/r/1jrfk?private_landing=1)

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    Awesome Shironuri on the streets of Shibuya on Halloween night (tonight)! Just posted 30+ more Harajuku & Shibuya Halloween Street Snaps.

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    • cute boy tells me i'm pretty:   lmao i know are u jealous
    • cute girl tells me i'm pretty:   [stumbles backwards] ....... dear god...... i.... how could this happen......
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    Started up a new collection of interesting tights recently…